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Here at Christ Harvest Church we are passionate about Jesus and leading others to worship Him.

Have you thought about what Worship Means?

Worship = The expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.
Reverence, revering, worshipping, adoration, adoring, devotion, praise, thanksgiving, praising, glorification, exaltation, respect, honouring, esteem.

First, it is important to understand what worship is. Many equate worship with singing music in church. This is one aspect of worship (Psalm 100:2), but worship is in no way limited to a song. It is a full life response to the object of our worship. When we truly worship something, it affects the way we live.

One way to look at worship is to think of it as “worth-ship.” When we worship something, we declare that it is worthy (Psalm 145:3). The Greek word used for “worship” implies an attitude of reverence. It also includes such physical gestures as kissing the hand or kneeling (Psalm 95:6). We worship something when we act as if it has value. By nature, human beings are worshippers. Sometimes our worship is focused on that which is actually worthy of reverence (like God). Other times it is misdirected (for instance, we worship our work, our bank accounts, fashion or a political icon).

Worship is a life response to the worthiness of its object. When we worship God, we do so in response to who He is (Psalm 52:9). Our attitudes and actions reflect that we believe the character and conduct of God to be worthy of praise and adoration. At times our worship is expressed through corporate singing, teaching, and tithing. It is also expressed in our daily lives through prayer, Scripture reading, acts of kindness, gratitude, pure thoughts, and the like.


In Ephesians 5:1-2 the Word of God says that we are to BE followers of God.

Basically we should be imitators of Jesus.

As we are sons of the Most High God, we have His genes.

His nature, personality and characteristics,

which are the fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace etc.

Our desire is to spend more time with our Heavenly Father,

so that we can become more like Him! 

As men we need to ask ourselves when we react to a situation,

“Does this look like my Father?”.

For example: I love because He loves.

I forgive because He forgives.

I give because He gives.

Let us display these heavenly genes this year as we go about our daily walk.


We believe all women are virtuous and their worth is far above rubies, therefore we offer a training platform for Women to be successful in their families, homes, work and business and society as a whole.

We focus on four main areas:

1 . Spiritual Empowerment

  • . Effective prayer
  • . Walking with the Holy Spirit

2 . Business Empowermentand Inspiration

  • . Anointed for Business
  • . Implementing business ideas the world has not yet seen
  • . Law of Promotion

3 . Debt Management and Finance

  • . Accounts and Budgeting
  • . War on Debt

4 . Training the next generation for Success

  • . Practical Training for Mothers
  • . Impacting Nations through our future generations


No matter what age your child is, we have services that are designed just for them. Whether you children are infants or are in year 4, they will have fun, they will learn something, and they will be safe.

Your children will experience a high-energy worship time, then move into their classes for bible lessons, and hands-on activities that will help them learn the Word of God in a fun and exciting way that your children will love.


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